We continue our journey to uplift and celebrate the greatness that is #BlackFutureMonth.

Dear Black Girl is a series of letters to our younger selves. Sistahs honoring their herstory to light the way for their path.

This excerpt is from “Inner Journeys: The Birth of a Poet” by Kathy Morris. A collection of provocative poems chart her path of healing from forgiveness to unconditional love, through the lens of a true soulmate connection.


Out of Darkness 

Out of darkness comes light
Out of pain comes lessons and blessings
Out of rain comes growth
Out of darkness comes creativity
This is the result of
and being watered
by the truth.
We want to bring the truth to the world
The truth about living
It is not always pretty
or how you think it’s gonna be
But walk in your truth
and you will find inner happiness
Despite what’s going on around you
You can stand in your truth.
The Truth is the Way
The truth is the way and also the light
Truth lights the path
The truth lights the path to your freedom
Truth lights the path to your essence
Truth always makes a way
to your higher ground and to your happiness
Truth is the path to your self-discovery
Truth gives you a roadmap
Truth can open doors
and propel you to the next level
The truth can grow your soul
Learn to embrace the truth and,
by embracing the truth you come to know
freedom and love
There are some things about the future
you can never know
There are things about the past
that just are,
And there are some things about the past
that we would like to change
Live each day and be in the moment
Be fully present now
Be in the now
Kathy Morris is a poet, artist, and healer. Her broad background includes knowledge in universal and spiritual laws and energy medicine. She’s also the founder of Inner Journeys, a business that provides spiritual tools, techniques, services and products that enable personal transformation and healing on all levels. Innerjourneys@att.netWww.innerjourneys-heals.com
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