Black Girl You Are Beautiful!

On Saturday October 15, 2016, Siren Studios opened its doors for an event that was all #BlackGirlBeautiful. A refreshingly uplifting event in Hollywood that gathered the most beautiful (inside and out), talented, dynamic people in celebration of the Black Girl! Founder of, Nikia Phoenix is a Los Angeles based model, writer, and dream-instigator. As soon as… Read more »

Head Wraps In The Park at Leimert Park LA

It was a tough week for black people. We mourned the murder of Terrence Crutcher.  One of the most recent black lives lost to police violence. And watched several other unlawful acts against black bodies circulate through our news feeds. The trauma caused by reliving these moments add to the generational pain black people suffer from… Read more »

Say Dark Meat: The Wrong Way to Approach A Dark Skin Woman

This weekend a brother tried to holla at me by yelling out, “Say dark meat, come here!” I was high off the very black vibes at the Cali HBCU Reunion, bouncing in my #BlackGirlMagic as I strutted across the yard, and feeling myself in all my glory after a much needed day with black people…. Read more »

Pursuit of Nappiness: Wear your Crown

The African Headdress is more than just a fashion statement. Yes, African women look fierce when they adorn their heads with these beautiful colors and patterns. But the ‘duku’ or ‘gele’ is a statement worn to show prosperity and worn during different religious ceremonies. As black women, we’ve begun to wear our headdress to honor… Read more »

  • Reasons I Love My Period

    My mother tried to make my period a special time. She’d take me shopping for bubble baths and tell me that this was my moment to relax. Then PMS and the cramps from the pits of hell rang in. I dreaded my monthly cycle. But then I started searching for all possible remedies (I shared… Read more »

  • Room to Rock: A WOC Takeover

    Room to Rock: A WOC Takeover By Maria “Vida” Billini For Halloween, this year I went with my family’s superhero theme and proudly donned my Wonder Woman costume. I figured I wanted to be a superhero who not only resembled me but represented the kick-ass, take-no-prisoners, leading female powerhouse that echoes the same courage, boldness,… Read more »

  • Dark Boy Complex: It’s Time To Shift The Conversation

    I hesitated to write this. I really did. I wrote about this topic a decade ago and it inspired me to create a short documentary (Colour Me Bad: Third Coast Hip Hop) for my senior thesis in college. At the time, I thought my passionate guerilla film had the power to really change the hip… Read more »

  • Fuckbois: A gal’s best pet? Or greatest enemy ?

    They’re here, probably broke, charming and they know it. According to user ‘thisplacesucksass’ on Urban Dictionary ‘fuckboi’ is another way to spell ‘fuckboy’ which derives from a term given to prison cell mates who is sexually subservient to another cell mate. However user ‘nbild’ is more acquainted with the general term we know of fuckboi… Read more »

  • POST BREAKUP: Finding Self-Love

    From Miss Strange: Here you are … again. Night after night, you lay with an emptiness and wake up to feel the void deepen. With a sigh you get up to start your day (and almost without a second thought you forego most body cleanliness. You go out and occupy your thoughts so they won’t… Read more »

  • You’re Pretty for A Black Girl

    You’re pretty for a black girl. Well I’ve heard that before… Nothing new. The phrase that goes over your head as a girl and comes back to stab you in the gut later. But you’re so pretty for a black girl… there must be something else there. You could be white, native american, hawaiian or… Read more »


    It happened again, another innocent Black man was murdered by police. The outrage is growing as we struggle to bring value to Black lives. People are beginning to feel powerless. Don’t give up hope. We still have a long way to go but these steps will help us in our pursuit of justice. Educate Yourself… Read more »

  • Post Breakup: The First Steps To Move On

    Let me begin by saying this. It fucking sucks on both sides. There is no magic potion to make you forget all those amazing fireworks you had with your person. Never enough tissues for all the tribulation you both experienced. You sit alone googling questions on the web hoping something can give you solace and… Read more »

  • 5 Steps for Everyday Energy Clearing

    What do we mean when we say energy? Energy is the life force vibration that makes the world go round. It is me, it is you, it is where we live and work, it surrounds us, embodies us.. is us. We all know the feeling of stepping into a space or engaging with a person… Read more »

  • Sex Ed: Beyond Birth Control

    My friend and I were recently discussing the sweeping normalization of the infamous Plan B pill. For those who are unaware, it is a “morning after” pill, designed to alter a woman’s cycle to prevent pregnancy after “unprotected” sex and can be taken up to 72 hours after the act. In the past five years,… Read more »

  • Beyoncé as Goddess Oshun

    Originally posted on at shady sun, we believe that, whether they are conscious of it or not, the most enduringly successful pop cultural icons enrich their work with the symbolism of an acutely deliberate variety. drawing from the rich [and often intersecting] archetypes of astrology, numerology, mythology, tarot, etc, the themes and motifs of these “stars” seem… Read more »

  • Goddess Exchange NOLA: Black Women and Mental Illness

    The Goddess Exchange is a series dedicated to bridging the gaps within the sisterhood of Black women so that we may learn, share, and grow together! Goddess Exchange: NOLA shines light on mental illness in Black Women. On the 5th day of Kwanzaa December 30, 2015 we gathered in the spirit of NIA- Purpose at… Read more »

  • Shola Adisa-Farrar on the Pursuit of Nappiness

    Shola Adisa-Farrar 30 Paris, France Singer/Actress/ Adventure Seeker & Traveler  In July 2015, I sat down with Shola during my visit to Paris, France. She shared her inspiring story of her brave move to Paris. Shola’s story will encourage you to reach beyond the norms and to live a life with no borders.   I’d love… Read more »

  • Dear Black Girl In Pursuit of Your Passion!

    When was the last time you felt genuinely happy? The kind of happy that starts from the inner core of your soul, spreads throughout your body and then radiates out your aura, glowing up the world? When was the last time you felt free enough to be un-apologetically you with no fear or hesitation of… Read more »

  • Dear Black Girl in Pursuit of Light

    This is the final week in our series Dear Black Girl. In celebration of #BlackFutureMonth we chose to uplift each other with a series of letters to our younger selves. Sistahs honoring our herstory to light the way for our path.   We all know the stereotype of the Angry Black Woman; a hot head, ready to… Read more »

  • Dear Black Girl in Pursuit of Truth

    We continue our journey to uplift and celebrate the greatness that is #BlackFutureMonth. Dear Black Girl is a series of letters to our younger selves. Sistahs honoring their herstory to light the way for their path. This excerpt is from “Inner Journeys: The Birth of a Poet” by Kathy Morris. A collection of provocative poems chart her… Read more »

  • Dear Black Girl in Pursuit of Magic

    I began writing this as a letter to myself. My former self. My present self. My future self. I hope it’s able to bring light to someone other than me. Dear Black Girl, Your journey is not an easy one. Many will claim to know your experience, claim to respect it. But only a few… Read more »

  • Dear Black Girl in Pursuit of Peace

    This month we chose to uplift and celebrate the greatness that is #BlackFutureMonth. Dear Black Girl is a series of letters to our younger selves. Sistahs honoring their herstory to light the way for their path.   Dear Black Girl in Pursuit of Peace, I know that there is a storm raging around you right… Read more »

  • Radical Phoenixx on the Pursuit of Nappinss

          Radical Phoenixx South Florida 23 Recording Artist / Entertainer   Background (Do you or your family originate from another country? If so, how has that influenced your work? and/or Where did you grow up and how does that influence your work?): Both my parents are originally from Jamaica. I was born and… Read more »

  • Goddess Exchange Houston Talks About Nursing

    In this episode we discuss Nursing. Should you nurse? What do you do if you can’t nurse? Would you let another woman nurse your child? When should you stop nursing? Goddess Exchange is a series of dialogue between women of the color from various cities around the world. We are promoting healthy relationships between women…. Read more »

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