My friend and I were recently discussing the sweeping normalization of the infamous Plan B pill. For those who are unaware, it is a “morning after” pill, designed to alter a woman’s cycle to prevent pregnancy after “unprotected” sex and can be taken up to 72 hours after the act. In the past five years, its use has skyrocketed, namely because of its accessibility. Before 2013, a prescription was required from your doctor but since then the FDA approved Plan B to be sold without a prescription to women of all ages.

Now this can be seen as a victory since many women for various reasons need access to this treatment. I’ve even used it myself once in a dire situation in college and haven’t used it since. As an informed consumer, I don’t trust the majority of the drugs being pushed by the pharmaceutical companies since I don’t believe they have the consumer’s best interests at heart. Nor does the FDA, who approves the drugs they create, but that’s my opinion; I digress. I mention all of this to say that although PLAN B is marketed as an emergency contraceptive solution, only to be used in “emergencies” which shouldn’t be often, it seems as though so many women use them like it is their regular form of birth control.

I checked the website to confirm if there was a cap off for how many time a woman should use it and of course there wasn’t. But there haven’t been any studies done on the effects of taking it even once in a woman’s lifetime. But, there are significant side effects including nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain, altering of the menstrual cycle and a heavier cycle, fatigue, headaches, and breast tenderness. So please my sistas, be careful about what you put into your body! And more importantly, be discerning about who you allow into your body. What sexual act did you engage in that caused you need to use it? And who did you engage in it with?

I’m down with feminism and I believe that women have the right to define themselves and act as they see fit, regardless of norms and standards. But at times, I also feel many women, including myself, do not take responsibility for treating our hearts, minds and bodies with the utmost care and respect.

I include myself, because I am just now stepping into a mindset of self value. I value myself by acknowledging my worth. I acknowledge my worth by taking care of my body and being discerning about what goes into it. That includes people. I will admit I haven’t always been as thoughtful about who I chose to engage with for various reasons whether it be a lack of self worth, lust, unconsciousness, immaturity, etc.

Now with 25 looming around the corner, I’m stepping into a space where I realize there are far too many risks when it comes to laying down with another. STDs and unplanned pregnancy are the obvious ones, but I also believe we take in whatever our partner is feeling, thinking, and being. Do you really want to share your energy with someone whose is toxic, negative, selfish, or unconcerned with you beyond the physical? With guidance from my mentor, I realized that if I don’t feel uplifted, at peace, balanced, enriched, etc after the act, then it wasn’t for my highest good. Especially, if I feel used, abused, regretful, disappointed, rejected, etc. then I know the act and/or the person isn’t aligned with my energy.

I am just now realizing how important this is, which is what compelled me to share. Now I am not knocking anybody’s lifestyle and their choices. By all means DO YOU BOO. But I just suggest that before engaging in sex with anyone, regardless of the intent, or who you decide to do it with, ask your mind, body and spirit if they are all aligned before engaging. If one aspect of yourself is not in agreement, don’t engage. Save yourself the grief of feeling like you made the wrong decision, and/or taking that trip to get a morning after pill or STD test. Adopt a holistic sexual education and think beyond the physical implications of the act. Most of all, respect and value yourself by taking care of your body and what/who you put into it.


Although, my brothas don’t have to take morning after pills, the same goes for you. Respect yourself and your body!


Asha Jackson


Asha aims to share love, understanding, and insight through her writing. On her own spiritual journey, writing allows her to share with the world her own individual experience in the hopes to find interconnectedness with her readers. To read more, check out her blog at

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