My mother tried to make my period a special time. She’d take me shopping for bubble baths and tell me that this was my moment to relax. Then PMS and the cramps from the pits of hell rang in. I dreaded my monthly cycle. But then I started searching for all possible remedies (I shared some tips to ease cramps in a past post you can read here). The pursuit of self love began. I discovered that a woman’s menstrual cycle is connected to the moon. On average a woman’s body is on a 28 day cycle. When our bodies are balanced we are ovulating during the full moon and menstruating during the new moon.  I’ll share more of what I’ve learned in a new blog series that will help you eat and live the best depending on which week we are in.

Throughout all I’ve been through with my body I’ve learned to greet my sacred time with adulation. Here’s why:

Time to Chill

And if I don’t my body will make me. Feminine energy is now at its lowest, all around and inside us. So instead of pushing through life, operating from a male dominant energetic space, slow down and take a break. I rest more. Say no, I can’t make it. And take the daily baths like my momma told me to. Your body is releasing nutrients that would have nurtured a new life. That’s a lot of goodness. In turn give your body the love and care it needs to replenish.

Dreams on Fleek

My dreams are poppin right now. I’d even say they’re prophetic. I write my dreams down as soon as I wake for up to 5 days approaching and during my cycle. You’ll start to notice the synchronicities and messages you’re receiving. When they manifest in your life you’ll be surprised, at first. But then you’ll act accordingly and be in flow with manifesting your true desires.

Intuition is Lit

This week is the best time to trust your gut. I mean your womb. Do it. Journal. Reflect. There is no better feeling than trusting your instinct. It’s also pretty dope that when you don’t your body signals you that something’s off. During your cycle this can show up as cramps. So heal yourself. Do what’s best for you.
Why do you love your period? Share in the comments below. 

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