When was the last time you felt genuinely happy? The kind of happy that starts from the inner core of your soul, spreads throughout your body and then radiates out your aura, glowing up the world? When was the last time you felt free enough to be un-apologetically you with no fear or hesitation of what people thought of you? What was the last thing you did that made you know what it means to be alive; to not only exist but receive as much as you give through what you do?

I know this may sound over the top, and if you’re having a hard time answering the questions, do not fret my dear. My answers might help you out. The last time I felt genuinely happy was last week. I had just finished giving a massage to my cousin for the first time and although my body was a little sore (still learning body mechanics), I felt so uplifted and gratified on the inside. My emotional state felt as if I had just received a massage: blissful, clear and free! Afterward I conversed and communed with other family and friends but in a way I usually don’t. I didn’t reserve my true nature; meaning I didn’t fear people’s reactions to me. I stayed true to my feelings and energy as opposed to being swayed by group think or submitting to the energy of others. Lastly, after knowing how much my cousin enjoyed her massage and how she can’t wait for me to practice on her again, AND how much lighter and sweeter her energy felt afterwards, I knew that doing massage is what I want to do because I feel good doing it and knowing I can help people ascend to a more serene space brings me so much joy.

Answering these questions for myself, helped me to realize that massage therapy is my passion and investing in it, is the most fulfilling thing I can do for ME but also how I can serve my community by making people feel better. Honestly, it didn’t click for me, until I answered these questions for myself. Even though I’ve been in school for 3 months and had been thinking about it doing massage for 2+ years, I didn’t realize the impact it would have on me. I thought I would like, but I surprised even myself with how much I love it! I write this to inspire you to seek what you love. Maybe answering these questions can be a stepping stone for you to do what your heart craves.

Seek out your happiness. Experiment with your interests. Make time for you and what you love doing. The answers will unfold naturally. If you are already aware of what your passionate about and aren’t doing it, I ask you to consider how much you are neglecting the world by hiding your gifts and talents. The world awaits for you to do and share what you love with all of us. So get to it beloved.

IMG_4077.JPGAsha aims to share love, understanding, and insight through her writing. On her own spiritual journey, writing allows her to share with the world her own individual experience in the hopes to find interconnectedness with her readers. To read more, check out her blog at http://ashestoasha.tumblr.com

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Aminat Salihu

If this didn’t come at the most perfect time. I’m literally at my job, in the process of leaving it, and just decided I would take at least two months to dedicate time towards my passion. As I’m praying for guidance, this pops up. Just another confirmation. Life is about living, and when are all bold enough to share our gifts, everyone thrives, everyone eats, and everyone has space to make an impact in the most necessary way. Very well said Ms. Asha, and very true indeed. Thank you!


Thank you sis! So glad that this message has reached you at the perfect time. Sending you love and light in your pursuit of Passion! Be sure to subscribe for more encouragement. Be steadfast and keep us updated. Remember “We Are All in Pursuit.”


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