What do we mean when we say energy? Energy is the life force vibration that makes the world go round. It is me, it is you, it is where we live and work, it surrounds us, embodies us.. is us. We all know the feeling of stepping into a space or engaging with a person that makes our stomachs tighten, heads spin or hearts glow? Based on that feeling, we respond to these people or situations in various ways. As we live and walk through this world, we are connecting and affected by energy that we aren’t aware of, and even if we are aware, we know that sometimes it’s hard to create boundaries between ourselves and our external circumstances and environment. That’s why it’s important to know what is and what isn’t our own energy. We do this by regularly clearing our energy to ensure we are embodying high vibrations that aren’t muddled by low, negative and/or foreign energy from others.

I use at least one of these techniques everyday to keep my energy and that of my spaces clear and free. After performing these after a long day, I feel centered, more clear and grounded in who I am. As a case manager in the field, I work with people directly in their homes; exposing myself to a lot of foreign energies that I may end up absorbing and taking home with me at the end of the day. When I feel muddled, heavy, confused, angry, sad, or lost even, I really have to be conscious of what feelings are my own and be able to distinguish those of others. I use these techniques to make that differentiation and handle my energy and feelings accordingly. Here’s some of the techniques I use.


1. Affirmations – The technique of positive thinking and/or verbal statements don’t have to just be used for feeling good about ourselves. The act of speaking can be seen as a physical manifestation of an idea. When we speak, we put the weight of that statement out into the universe. So just the act of saying that your energy is clear, with the genuine intention and belief that it is, will make the statement true. I say or think affirmations like “My energy is free and clear. I am free of foreign and negative energy. My energy is sovereign.” I suggest saying whatever feels most comfortable for you, just make sure your main idea affirms clearing your energy. I say mine in conjunction with other practices or as I go through my day, just to keep my mind and spit focused on clear energy.

2. Saging/Smudging – Indigenous cultures have used the practice of smudging, burning and smoking for eons to clear the air of negative energy and reveal truths from deep within us. Recent scientific studies also show that smudging helps to eliminate the air of toxic pathogens. I burn incense, sage or palo santo wood at least once a day to clear my space and myself. I always feel clear and renewed afterwards. Highly suggest it as a daily practice.


3. Aromatherapy/Essential Oils – The therapeutic properties of essential oils are endless. Whether you need help sleeping, concentrating, feeling more joyful, clearing your sinuses, disinfecting an item or injury, you can use essential oils for any and everything. I use them in my baths, as perfume and in spray bottles to make “clearing mists” After a shower or bath or whenever I need a quick pick me up or rejuvenation, I spray a mixture of water and essential oils on myself and my mind, body and spirit reap the benefits! I also like to spray my space or my furniture or car as a refresher.

4. Crystals/Rocks – The healing energy of semi precious stones and rocks have recently become popular  for the healing benefits from nature they possess. I was introduced a few years ago and have been in love ever since! Every crystal has a specific metaphysical property that can aid in clearing, inviting or neutralizing various energies. Wearing, holding or connecting with a stone can help to keep your energy balanced and achieve what ever energetic goals you may be working on. A popular one that is more general in quality of vibration is clear quartz. It is one of the more abundant stones in the world that carries clear, white light known to assist in clearing all chakras and harboring positive, spiritual energy. I have quite a few crystals that I either wear, keep in my car, meditate with, sleep with etc to help keep my energy clear and focused on whatever goals I’m working on.


5. Excursions in Nature – Indigenous cultures knew that as humans we are a part of nature and not separate from it. To feel energetically fluid, grounded and spiritually connected, being in nature helps to rewire us back into the flow of interconnectedness with our surroundings. I don’t do it as much as I should either but whenever I sit or walk through the park, visit the ocean, or admire a beautiful garden, I reconnect back to what is important. Making time to be in and connected to nature helps to bring emotional and mental clarity, physical wellbeing, and clear energy to us.

Let us know how any of these techniques work out for you. What practices do you use to keep your energy free, clear and vibing high? Share with us below! Happy Energy Clearing!
Asha Jackson


Asha aims to share love, understanding, and insight through her writing. On her own spiritual journey, writing allows her to share with the world her own individual experience in the hopes to find interconnectedness with her readers. To read more, check out her blog at http://ashestoasha.tumblr.com

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